The making of a Regional Harvest Crusade

1. Selection of a Region

The Board of Africa Harvest Mission (Chaired by Steven Sebyala) prayerfully sits to set out a strategic pathway for evangelism. When on the drawing table, with the Chairman, a scouting team is put together to visit the area. The functions of the scouting team are to establish contact with the resident church leaders, venue identification, negotiate fees, securing accommodation for the team, seeking and acquiring permission for the venue, security clearance, customs and immigration requirements, and set appointments and venue for an all church leaders and workers planning breakfast meeting.

Harvest Mission crusades target large regions because we believe it is the quickest method of reaching a particular area with the Gospel. We mobilize people from different cities, towns and villages surrounding that region and draw them to one central ground. We met with Pastors on the ground and as a committee team, we organize the harvest crusade. The committee takes up the running of the crusade.

2. Planning the Regional Harvest Crusade

Crusades are Labour intensive from Ushering, filling out Decision cards, translation, among others. For this reason Africa Harvest Mission involves the community where the crusade will be held. We host resident Pastors and Church workers to a breakfast during which we share ideas, insights and suggestions of how we can most efficiently reach and win that region for Christ. Working with a team that knows the area so well helps us prepare efficiently and effectively.

3. Crusade Workers Training

Since we work with the local churches, they also serve as prayer and training bases. During the daytime, we train and prepare the Christians for ministry at the crusade such as follow up, ushering, interpretation, filling decisions, local evangelistic music, crowd control and other crusade related activities depending on the region we are visiting. The members of those churches play a significant role in the crusade. They are the manpower we have at the crusade for roles requiring many people. At the prayer centers, we pray for the release of God’s mercy and saving grace upon that region. We long for the manifest presence of God on the grounds.

4. Crusade Promotions

Through the media including radio stations, Television, Newspapers, Posters and fliers, banners, we are able to advertise the crusades. On the first day of the crusades we march through the streets leading to the crusade ground. The music played by the brass bands draws multitudes to follow to the crusade ground. Resident Churches are grouped together on the basis of location with a band they come to the grounds. These pictures were taken when we had the Mbarara Harvest Crusade in Uganda.

5. Ending

At the end of the crusades, the Africa Harvest Mission team is ready to go home. Everyone has worked tirelessly to fulfill their responsibilities for the success of the crusade. There is also excitement about reuniting with family and the church back home. The decision cards are counted and handed over to the chairman of the crusade committee. These cards are subdivided basing on the location of the new convert and the church nearest to the address filled on the card. The purpose of this is to enable follow up for the church because All Africa shall be saved.