Christ Church Uganda

CCU was founded in 1987 in Ndeeba by Evangelist Steven Sebyala for 6 years with a congregation of 15 to 20 people who majorly embarked on prayer and evangelism. Until when Ev. Steven Sebyala got an idea to relocate the Church to a different place.

In 1993, The Church was first taken to St. Andrews Hall in Bugolobi flats where it spent a year and then it was shifted to MUBS for quiet some time. Where it was also shifted to the now MTN house in Nakawa. During that time, rent was a nightmare to the church and more so the building itself wasn’t a convenient place to birth and nurture souls that have turned to Christ due to the numerous activities that would hinder a healthy spiritual growth for Christians. In 1994, the Church was again shifted to MUBS where it occupied one of the hostels for a complete year.