Relief Outreach

During 2006-2007, Africa Harvest Mission distributed relief items totaling to over thirty thousand ($30,000.00) US dollars outside its evangelistic mission. The funds targeted the people in Northern and Eastern parts of Uganda. Relief packages to families included blankets, mattresses, mosquito nets, grain foods, seeds, hoes, machetes, and bicycles.

Peace had eluded people in these areas for twenty years. Close to one and a half million people mainly children and women have been living in internally displaced peoples camps. As peace prevails many are willing to return home but with a fear that they do not have basic requirements to enable them to start a new life.

Another unfortunate development has occurred as the year comes to an end. Heavy rains have caused serious floods leaving thousands of those who had returned once again homeless. The government has declared northern and eastern parts of the country once again as disaster areas not because of war but floods. Africa Harvest Mission has once again come up to help these people. It is against this background that we make an appeal to help us meet the relief aid budget.

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A donation of 150 Bicycles.

The Relief Mission in Gulu – Uganda 2006

A team from Cornerstone Church in Hampton, VA, led by Pastor Gerald Ruff, was an inspiration to the region in the leaders’ seminars, the word, and in relief distribution. Thank you! The mornings during a crusade are for teaching sessions for church leaders and workers. The Last day is left for evaluation with the resident Pastors and to set the epic events that evening.

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The relief mission in Soroti – Uganda 2006 (coming soon)

The Yei – Sudan Relief Mission

Pastor Steven with the Africa Harvest Mission went to Yei in southern Sudan when atrocities were prevalent. Steven ministered in Yei and also blessed them physically. The evils and wickedness of mankind, diseases, sicknesses, wars and crimes have left multitudes in great suffering, with no hope for survival. The Kony war in the northern part of Uganda is one of such concerns in Africa. People in such areas need to know the caring and merciful love of God in a practical way. At Africa Harvest Mission we go out to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with food, medical care and provision of basic life needs.

Goma – DR Congo

After the Volcanic eruption in Goma – Democratic Republic of Congo, Pastor Steven with the Africa Harvest Mission went to Goma with physical and spiritual aid.

The Relief Mission in Lira – Uganda 2005

The town of Lira is strategically placed to serve northern Uganda. Despite this location’s advantage, the town has suffered greatly as a result of the Lord’s Resistance Army terrorists. Peoples mouths, ears, limbs have been cut off not far from the central town. Children, women and men, with no discrepancy.