Refugee Aid

Uganda is one of the largest refugee-hosting nations in the world with over 1,429,000 refugees in the country as of August 2020 (Source: OPM, UNHCR, GOU).

The reason refugees prefer Uganda as their home has a lot to do with Ugandan hospitality and the Government’s Refugee Policy, which has been praised as one of the most progressive in the World, according to the UN.

Yumbe district has the highest number of refugees (232,726) followed by Adjuman (214,453), Arua (190,363), Isingiro (141,101), Kyegegwa (123,831), Kikuube (123,025), Obongi (122,805), Kampala (80,506), Kamwenge (72,997), Kiryadongo (67,704), Lamwo (53,806), and Koboko (5,547).

Most of them are south Sudanese (882,058), followed by Congolese (418,369), Burundians (48,404), Somalis (40,826), Rwandese (17,555), Eritreans (15,093), Sudanese (3,200) and Ethiopians (3,082).

The country has eleven settlement camps namely; Acholi-Pii, Bidi Bidi, Impevi, Kampala, Kiryadongo, Kyaka II, Kyangwali, Nakivale, Pagirinya, Rhino and Rwamwanaja settlement.

Almost 50% of the refugees live in Bidi Bidi, Pagirinya and Rhino settlements located in the northwest of the country.

In 2019, Uganda took in more refugees than any other country in the world and most of these stranded people are children who are challenged by hunger, diseases, sexual abuse, poor shelter, and limited access to reliable information.

During COVID-19 Pandemic it has been discovered that refugees are the most vulnerable group in our country because the situation in which they live in makes it impossible for them to observe SOPs and at the same time they have limited access to medical services.

They have starved to death since some of humanitarian groups that used to support them have now turned their efforts and resources towards combating the pandemic. Some of these refugees used to get out of the settlement and work for food inorder to feed their children but this is now impossible due to the ongoing lockdown.

We feel a strong conviction that these are the brothers and sisters Jesus talked about in Matthew 25:34-40 and therefore, we must help them find hope in Christ. We visit these settlements monthly.

We are thus requesting you to help us reach these people with the gospel of Christ and to give them food, clothes and basic medical services. Any contribution of any kind will highly be appreciated.