Relief Activities

Covid-19 Response

Though COVID-19 has been slow to take root in Africa, cases are now spreading rapidly and the number of new cases is expected to continue to rise daily. As you know, this pandemic is not only a health emergency causing death, it has also fostered human suffering in all areas of life.

Refugee Aid

In 2019, Uganda took in more refugees than any other country in the world and most of these stranded people are children who are challenged by hunger, diseases, sexual abuse, poor shelter, and limited access to reliable information.

Medical Camp

Medical Camps are done to help serve those that might not be able to afford or have the opportunity of getting seen by a doctor. Our areas of focus include child nutrition, antenatal care, maternal care, malaria and general health issues.

Community Outreach

Through this evangelistic activity, we have managed to reach to community leaders and other influential people in the community with the transforming Gospel of Christ and many have responded positively.

School Outreaches

We reach out to the schools, colleges and universities in the region with the transforming gospel of Christ in a youthful way that will enable them to grasp it and accept it to change their lives.

Prison Outreaches

It is also our desire to reach out to the prisons in the region bringing hope to the hopeless inmates and God’s mercy in place of guilt. We assist chaplains with Bibles, New Testaments, tracts, literature, audios, videos, and counseling.